As of March 27th, 2017, our parts department has started to carry the Pure Essence product "Outhouse". We are very pleased with its performance and have already placed a second order.

We believe this to be a valuable product to offer to our customers. Pure Essence was very smart to market their product towards the RV industry as it provides 2 important tasks to the RV'er. First it helps with odor control, and secondly it helps with the toilet seals that most RV'ers forget to treat which causes costly damage to their RV toilets.

We also use this product in all of our used units that are traded in and placed on the lot for sale. Pure Essence has provided professional customer service and meets all the standards placed by the State of California.

I personally recommend this product to all my friends.


Thomas Bruce, Parts Manager

Manteca Trailer & Motorhome, LLC

Going to the restroom before using Outhouse for lack of a better word was uncomfortable. Because of our current situation, My family and I basically have to share one bathroom. But now that we use Outhouse we can walk into a pleasant environment every time we enter the restroom.

Due to Outhouses great long lasting scent, it has become our "cure all " for almost every odor in our home. It is also an absolute life saver when visiting others. My wife never leaves home without it and has friends from work raving about how great it works.

We absolutely love the two scents, they both smell great. My favorite is the "Citrus Spice" and my wife's favorite is "Citrus".

Thank outhouse for such an amazing product!

- Eric Negron


Wow, what a super product. There's a lot on the market to choose from, but for us and our family and friends OUTHOUSE #2 toilet spray is number one!!. We were introduced to this product a few months ago after a brief conversation with a friend about RVing and the unpleasant task of toilet repairs. So I decided to try OUTHOUSE and put it to the test, for lubricating and conditioning our RV toilet seal. We wanted to try to extend the life of our failing toilet seal and poured a few ounces onto the dry toilet seal. After a few days of multiple applications, I was starting to see improvement and noticed that the liquid that's supposed to keep the sewer gases from entering the trailer was not dissipating as quickly. By the end of the week the problem was solved. We continue to use this product as directed not only for the excellent odor masking abilities, but to maintain our toilet components. But wait there's more... all our friends and family are using this product at home and we cannot get enough compliments from our guests. We recommend you try it. THANK YOU OUTHOUSE #2 toilet spray, keep up the good work.


The Outhouse spray is wonderful! It truly does what it's supposed to do. Three sprays, and there is absolutely no bad odor; only the awesomely clean citrus scent. Thank you - I plan on ordering more to send to friends and family! 

Donitta Wallace

My son, his family and I, all use OUTHOUSE in our home and RV. We love the amazing candy like smell of the citrus that we think smells like skittles. When we have guests over they use it and love it as well. We love both the scents of OUTHOUSE... we love the cinnamon citrus scent too. What a great idea to have two wonderful scents we can switch up on, that cover the #2 smell. It's great that it's small enough to put in a purse or pocket or easily store away without taking up too much space. We are amazed how long just one 2 oz bottle lasts with up to 100 uses using 4 sprays. We don't go anywhere without it. When we go on a hunting trip in the RV we always use OUTHOUSE. No more stinking out the RV when going #2. We are also pleased in knowing its lubricating our RV Toilet Seal at the same time. We highly recommend OUTHOUSE to everyone. Way to go OUTHOUSE! What a product! It's like they say, OUTHOUSE has got us covered!


-Bill from California