About Us

Pure Essence was established in 2016 by husband and wife, Scott and Teresa Romiti.

Located out of Boerne of Texas, in the hill country right outside of San Antonio. They started creating the product right out of their garage.

Scott’s wife Teresa had her gallbladder removed and after that anytime she ate, no matter where she was she had to go #2. This became a serious issue for her due to her being VERY self-conscious about using the bathroom in public places when having to go #2. Scott had bought Teresa some other products to cover the smell but the smells of them would give her a headache. So he thought that he could try to solve his wife’s problem himself by creating some scents she would love and that wouldn’t make her feel sick or get a headache. He went to work and over a short period of time, he mastered a scent that has become her most favorite smell. She says it smells like candy to her. Scott then came up with another scent. Teresa had asked Scott to make one with cinnamon scent being that she loves cinnamon smell also. This became a hit with her also.

Our OUTHOUSE® formula has fractionated coconut oil in it. We heard through family members and friends that RV toilets have a rubber toilet seal in them that would dry up over time and cause it to leak. So we began to look into that problem more and see how fractionated coconut oil could help the RV toilet seal from drying up and prevent leaking and holding tank odors from coming in the RV. Turns out that OUTHOUSE® toilet spray makes a superb fit for the RV toilet, toilet seal, and RV traveling experience when having to go # 2 in such close quarters. Not only does it work great for preventing bad smells but it also lubricates the toilet seal each time you use it. We decided to make an RV Toilet Seal Conditioner for storing and winterizing to help keep the toilet seal conditioned while the RV’s not being used. So we created OUTHOUSE® Toilet Seal Conditioner. We then decided to create a Patent-Pending RV Toilet Seal Cap that would help keep the toilet seal conditioner in the toilet so that it would continually condition for long periods of time even if there is a a bad leak in the RV toilet seal. This also helped with the holding tank smells from coming up into the RV and while emptying the holding tank.

Pure Essence family hopes that you enjoy and look forward to making Pure Essence a part of your RV experience and everyday life as well. We look forward to hearing how OUTHOUSE® has made your RV experience better by solving some of those unwanted problems.

Pure Essence has a passion to help solve people’s problems by creating products that are made with integrity and that people will love to use. With Pure Essence Products, our customers can confidently know that they can count on Pure Essence products to turn to when needed. We work hard not to over promise and under deliver. Our products should bring comfort, peace and the assurance of a job well done to our customers.

Pure Essence is a company that thrives to make products that you get the most benefit out of and user-friendly.

Our pride is in the integrity of all that we say and do to offer our customers and clients.