Toilet Spray Citrus

OUTHOUSE® #2 Toilet Spray

OUTHOUSE® Citrus is a unique blend of citrus essential oils and fragrance oils that gives off a sweet fruity candy-like smell. OUTHOUSE® uses Fractionated Coconut oil with our unique essential and fragrance oil blends that has many great benefits such as: Lubricates RV Toilet Seal, disinfects, allows the scents to last longer due to fractionated coconut oil in formula, coats the toilet bowl that helps to prevent poo from sticking to the RV toilet bowl making it easier to clean and has a shelf life up to 5 years due to its anti-rancid properties.

$9.95/  2oz.


Additional Information

Introducing New Product by Pure Essence "OUTHOUSE®" your #2 Toilet Spray. You spray 3-5 times in the toilet bowl before using. This will help prevent unwanted or embarrassing odors from filling your restroom and environment when you go #2.

  • Fills your immediate environment with pleasant aromas due to our unique blends of essential and fragrance oils. OUTHOUSE® is paraben-free and phthalate-free making it safer for you and the environment.
  • Helps prevent embarrassing odors while going #2 using your RV bathroom. OUTHOUSE® has got you covered.
  • RV Toilet Friendly: Deodorizes the immediate environment whether you’re going #2 or odors that come up from the holding tanks in RV’s. Lubricates RV Toilet Seals due to our unique formula that contains Fractionated Coconut oil.
  • OUTHOUSE® is safe for your plumbing and RV holding tanks.
  • Long lasting Scents
  • Unique scents that are very pleasant to smell
  • Convenient 2oz bottle size easy to carry for traveling.
  • Up to 100 uses using 4 sprays in every 2oz bottle
  • Manufactured in USA
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