OUTHOUSE® Toilet Seal Conditioner For Use with DOMETIC® 300,310,320

OUTHOUSE® Toilet Seal Conditioner For Use with DOMETIC® 300,310,320 Toilets is a product that Lubricates & Conditions the Seals for the DOMETIC® 300,310,320 Toilet models. It Prolongs the life of the toilet seal and will keep the valve lubricated for a smooth opening and closing preventing any sticking issues. This conditioner is a Proprietary Silicone formula that is freeze resistant down to -55℉.

$5.95/ 2 oz.

Use Only with DOMETIC®️ 300,310,320 Toilets




Additional Information

For Best Results use with OUTHOUSE® Toilet Seal Cap Use with DOMETIC® 300,310,320 Toilets – Please follow instructions on the box

Storing / Winterizing Instructions:
Remove water from toilet bowl first. Then pour 1.5 oz. in toilet bowl over toilet seal and leave until next use. Maintain once a year.

Additional Lubricating Instructions:
When not Storing / Winterizing your RV, use 1/2 oz. of the Conditioner as needed.

  • Prolongs the Life of the Toilet Seal
  • Lubricates & Conditions the Toilet Seals by coating & penetrating the seals for a smooth and consistant operation
  • Comes in an Easy to Store Away 2 oz. Bottle
  • Contains Proprietary Silicone formula 
  • Petroleum-free
  • Holding Tank Safe
  • Freeze Resistant Down to -55℉ 
  • Manufactured in USA

DOMETIC® is a registered trademark of Dometic Sweden AB.

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