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New Saniti-Grip™️ Wristband

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New Patent Pending Saniti-Grip™️ Wristband comes with a bottle of finger sanitizer to fill the foam with 20-25 drops. Easy to wear around your wrist with a very easy to open lid container that holds the finger foam. Just open the lid and dab your two fingers on the foam that is saturated with Saniti-Grip™️ Finger Sanitizer and you have a sanitized finger or use it to open bags... etc.

Here are a list of ways to use Saniti-Grip™️


Here are a list of ways to use Saniti-Grip™️


  • Opening Produce Bags
  • Opening Meat Bags
  • Opening Grocery Bags When Bagging
  • Opening Doors
  • Counting Money Or Paying With Cash
  • Pushing Buttons On Credit Card Machines
  • ATM Machine
  • Making Deposits in Drive Through
  • If You Work For A Place That Handles Cash or Credit/Debit Cards
  • Sanitizing Your Fingers
  • Made In USA


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